Barbering— An Art From Tha Gods

06/27/2013 00:26

Barbering, I know you heard it said that being a barber is more than just cutting hair.

Well it is..

Barbering is so much more. Way more than just giving a fresh cut and talking shit to your clients.

So if Barbering and being a barber is not all about cutting hair then what is it??

1. Barbering is a part of life.
As a barber you now live in the barber shop and inside beauty supply stores..
Now your whole life consist of beauty and style.
You are now a role model and a very important figure in people's lives..
As You grow and expand your game you will become a neighborhood celebrity. And you must conduct yourself as such.
When you become a barber and start on your journey of barbering you will come into contact with all types of people.
You will interact with rich people,poor and broke people,gay dudes,players,drug dealers,cops,politicians,highschool pimps,women,,, Sooo many women,,,( we'll get to that later) You're gonna interact with all kind of races and ages soooo many personalities. And you are gonna have to adjust yourself and adapt to every one of those persons.
Let's say that you have 400 clients. You have to have 400 Faces and 400 different ways of communication.. Because every one is different and you cannot treat everyone the same.. If you do You will Lose!!!!

2.Is Barbering a job????
eehh,,well barbering and being a barber is not a job.. It's an art and it is sales and being a friend. All my clients are now friends. They just give me money to hang out talk shit and make ‘em pretty. The business aspect is out the window but it's assumed that they gonna pay. I don't charge non of my clients that I had for years.. the price is implied and the come see me and have fun and go on bout they life. And I get worried if I don't see them for a while. Not about the bread,,, I have a deep concern for the well being of my friends and clients.. If you have Clients that you had for years,yall will develop a sort of biological clock and rhythm together and you will feel that "Sean" is ue to see you.. Where's he at??? Then in a few days "Sean" will pop up.
Barbering is only a job when you first start out and you're trying build you following.
There is no Scheduling in barbering…
You are not an employee,,,
You are your own boss and a sub-contractor if you work in a shop..
And you need to pay Taxes… < I will not be giving advice on Taxes,, Find out your State and City Laws For That>
A Job is bullshit… And once you're barbering long enough you will understand fully what I'm saying.
A job is having a nut ass manager on top al day and doing something you don't wanna do to get money.. Fuc that..
Barbering and being a barber,if I got a doctors appointment or if I gotta stay home cause one of my babies are sick I ain't gotta call out. Your clients got your number and 9 times outta 10 they'll wait for you till you get back.
Even if I don't feel like working,, You can just say fuck it,, I aint going in today and you aint gotta say shit. At a job you gotta call out with some bullshit excuse and if you call out too many times they start to threaten your Job….
Having a job is constantly living in fear f losing that shit. Working hard and rushing to go to a place you hate hoping you don't lose it.
Dont get me started

3. Income from Barbering
I'ma say it like this….Barbers make A lot Of MONEY!!!!!!!!Let's just say you cut 10 people a day at an average of $25 a head.. that's $200 bucks in on day… Do the math….over 92k a year!!!!!…
Now doulde that.. even if you cut 15 people at an average of $25….. Go head pull out ya calculator…..
I know people with degrees and who go to college working hard for 4-8 long ass years just to make 50-70 a year and start out in a debt of 30k in student loans from school.
Now I love education and will never knock anyones hustle.. But if I had a choice to make over 90k and not go to school or go to school just to make just 50k.
And in barbering,,there's extra income opportunities..
You can sell products,watches,dvd's sneakers,phones,soda,hats,glasses,, any and everything that can fit in the door of the shop.

I'm going to show you how to increase your clientele and double your barber income in 30 days… The reason why it'll take 30 days is cause we need the people's hair time to grow back

It doesn't matter how good of a barber you are or if you're in a slow ass shop…
What you need to do is to get your name out and to get it out eveywhere. Cause if nobody knows you cut hair how u gonna make any type of money????
So let me show you how to capitalize when it's slow at that shop and instead of playing with your phone or playing 2K sitting around bullshitting waiting on the $$$$, I'm gonna show you how to have people begging to give you their money and to cut their hair….

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Barbering—- A Gift From Tha Gods

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